Australia, China

Derived from the Italian word broccolo, meaning the flowering top of a cabbage, broccoli has a distinctive mustardy taste.


Australia, USA

A natural hybrid of broccoli and Chinese broccoli, broccolini’s slender stem is very tender to that of a broccoli’s which makes it desirable for cooking. Only recently discovered, the favoured vegetable is becoming exceedingly popular.


Australia, China

With a mild taste that becomes nutty and caramelised when the florets are roasted, the entire cauliflower is actually edible from its stems to leaves. Commercially, white cauliflower is the most common with more striking colour varieties such as yellow, orange, green and purple available as well.



The chartreuse coloured fractal appearing Romanesco has a more intense flavour profile than cauliflower and broccoli combined. It is uniquely nutty and earthy yet surprisingly sweet and caramelised when roasted or grilled. Also known as broccoflower or Roman cauliflower.



The globe artichoke’s flesh from the leaves could be likened to a boiled potato. In contrast, the texture of its heart is juicy, tender and soft. In terms of taste, it can be compared to an eggplant but sweeter and earthier. Artichokes that are fried tastes similar to fried asparagus.

Savoy Cabbage


Savoy varieties are milder, more complex-flavoured than regular green cabbage. Its distinctively wrinkled leaves like a Napa cabbage has a more tender texture and the earthy taste presents well in soups and sautées.

Red Cabbage


This vibrantly coloured variety, sometimes known as purple cabbage, is similar to green cabbage, but with dark reddish-purple leaves. Its flavour is slightly deeper and earthier than the regular cabbage.