Asian Pear


Singo pear is a popular asian pear variety known for its comparatively larger round size, crisp and crunchy texture and extremely juicy sweet melon-like taste. The fruit is cultivated to have a desirably non bitter thin brownish-yellow skin to pair well with its juicy sweet beige to white flesh. Due to its delicate skin and high sugar content, the fruit bruises easily. Singo pears ripen on the tree which means they do not soften and are ready to eat upon harvesting.

Paradise Pear


The paradise pear, also known as sugar pear, crystal pear or faccia bella pear, are smaller and sweeter than the traditional green pear variety. Available only from December to February, these seasonal miniature-sized pears change colour from green to gold and develop a beautiful red blush when fruit is ripe. The fruit has a crisp white flesh and is best eaten when firm. The crisp texture and refreshingly sweet flavour makes the fruit versatile for both sweet and savoury applications.


Australia, Italy

With over 3000 varieties worldwide, pears come in an array of colours, shapes, sizes, texture and taste. The commercial varieties typically have green, yellow, reddish and brown skin and are either round, oval or conical shaped. The flesh is white or creamy coloured and filled with stone cells. Although pears mature on the tree, they continue to ripen best off the tree. Unlike the asian varieties, Western pears soften from a crunchy to a butter-like texture and become sweeter and juicier upon ripening.

Quince Fresh


The quince is a small and rounded pome fruit grown on trees. Though it may look sweet and juicy as an apple or pear, the quince in its raw form is rather tough and slightly sour at times. Quinces are not eaten fresh due the to high tannin content. Its high pectin content has made it particularly popular for use in jams, jellies, and preserves. To enjoy all that this produce has to offer, it is best when cooked.

Mini Apple


The miniature-sized apple comparable to a crab apple is very small in size and has more of a mildly sweet than tart flavour. The vibrant red-pink skin is smooth and its overall appearance and crunchy texture is similar to a Red Delicious. Just as versatile as Red Delicious, mini apples are excellent fresh or cooked in desserts. Its size makes it perfect as an on-the-go snack.

Apple (Lady Alice)


Known as “the perfectly balanced apple”, Lady Alice stands out from other cultivars with its pink blush over a creamy-yellow background that darkens after harvest. These apples have a firm, crisp, juicy texture and a rich complex flavour which is predominantly sweet with an aftertaste that turns to tart.