Varieties: Butternut, Jarrahdale and Japanese or Kabocha.

Summer Squash

Australia, Holland

Varieties available are green summer squash known as zucchini or courgette, yellow summer squash and Patty Pan, also called button, scallop or baby squash. Patty Pan comes in yellow, green, and white cultivars.

Zucchini Flower


Most often referred to as zucchini flowers, these edible blossoms are produced by both green and yellow summer squashes as well as many other squash varieties.



Varieties: Telegraph or English cucumber and Kyuri also known as Japanese cucumber.

Bitter Gourd


Also known as bitter melon is in fact not a melon but belongs to the gourd family. There are many varieties depending on the origin and can be distinguished by the size and more specifically the colour of its skin. Variety available is the pearl white bitter gourd.