In Australia, this variety of melon is known as Rockmelon, however its European counterpart is a cantaloupe. They are typically 15–25 cm in length and are somewhat oblong, though not as oblong as watermelons. Often harvested nearly ripe, rockmelon has a firm, orange, moderately-sweet juicy flesh and a medium thick reticulated light-brown rind. The fruit cannot increase sugar content after the harvest as it ripens only on the stem.



Muskmelon is a species of melon that has been developed into many cultivated varieties. They have a pronounced light tan netting over their exterior. Offering a sweet aroma and flavour, the muskmelon has a high sugar content with lingering floral notes.

Chamoe (Korean Yellow Melon)


A popular Korean summer fruit, these bright yellow striped, oblong shaped melons have a white inner flesh. Its crisp flesh, with much of the sweetness coming from the seeds and pulp, these melons are often described to be somewhere in between a cucumber, honeydew and pear. Although it is less sweet than other melons and modern hybrids, its delicate flavour has an interesting subtle clean taste that is highly refreshing. More commonly served peeled, chamoe is known to be completely edible as its skin is very thin with small, soft seeds.

Ivory Gaya Melon

Australia, Korea

A petite melon, the Ivory Gaya has an oblong shape with an ivory cream skin covered in small lime green speckles and streaks. The light green, almost white coloured flesh of the Ivory Gaya offers a sweet flavour, with hints of pear and honey like taste. The texture of the melon ranges from crispier at the skin to  soft and juicy toward the center.